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Data Back-Up Support

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If your PC or device crashes you loose everything. Be prepared and protect what is most valuable to you, your images, files, contacts and your personal data. Our experts are hear to help you make sure you never loose anything important.

Our solution is to backup and automate your personal data to a cloud storage or transfer data to another hard drive.

Data Backup to A Cloud Storage

Data Backup to an External Hard Drive

Data Backup to A Disc

Automation Data to A Safe Location

Data Backup & Security

Data Recovery From A Damaged Drive 

Data Backup to cloud

 Backup to external drive

Data backup to disk

Data Recovery

Some type of services can be more complex, service pricing may vary depending on the project.

Low Cost Pricing - Our pricing for on-site services are $80 per hour with a one hour minimum. Most of our services can be completed within one hour, if additional time is needed to complete the task our charge rate of $40 per half hour.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

YoloNerd is 100% committed in providing excellent service to all its customers

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