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Virus Removal   

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Is your computer running slow? Does it freeze up? Are you getting random popups.  You maybe infected with one of these cyber attackers. Don't worry YoloNerd is here to the rescue. Weather its a viruses, malware, spyware it doesn’t matter. We can help! We know how protect your privacy and cleanup your computer.

Virus Removal & Protection

Repair Operating System Issues

Execute A Full System Clean Sweep For All Viruses & Malware 

Remote Support Maybe Available via Chat Now


Install Antivirus Protection Software & Anti-Spyware Software

Remove All viruses, malware, spyware

Virus protection prevention training. What to look for so you don't get a nasty virus.



Some type of services can be more complex, service pricing may vary depending on the project.

Low Cost Pricing - Our pricing for on-site services are $80 per hour with a one hour minimum. Most of our services can be completed within one hour, if additional time is needed to complete the task our charge rate of $40 per half hour.


Remote Support

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

YoloNerd is 100% committed in providing excellent service to all its customers

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